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August 11th, 2020
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The Very Basics
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The School of Eight Directions is an independent organization dedicated to self-defense, physical fitness and character development through the practice of traditional martial arts. The president of the organization is Jerry Strickland, 6th degree black belt (6th Dan). The Chief Instructor is Michael D. Jones, 5th degree black belt (5th Dan).

The curriculum consists of an eclectic rendition of Tang Soo Do (Korean karate), featuring the strong and effective kicking skills and traditional forms of Tang Soo Do combined with an extensive program of self- defense methods derived from Kodenkan Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu and Jeet Kune Do Concepts.

The goals of the class are:
  • To provide reliable self-defense skills
  • To help students develop strength, fitness and coordination
  • To instill self -discipline and perseverance
  • To foster a sense of propriety and virtue
  • To maintain a supportive and positive class environment

Uniform: Students are required to wear a traditional white uniform. Lightweight karate uniforms are acceptable for beginners. Advanced students should also obtain a Judo gi. Uniforms are available through the instructor, but they may also be obtained through other sources, such as sporting goods stores, catalogues, magazine ads or the Internet.

Note: Beginners may practice in any type of comfortable and appropriate clothing, such as sweats or other workout apparel, until they obtain a uniform.

Sparring Gear: Headgear, gloves, padded boots and mouthpieces are required for free sparring. A limited amount of sparring gear is available through the class to borrow, but long-term students are strongly encouraged to procure their own equipment.

Age: Students younger than seven are not accepted at this time.

About the Instructor
Michael D. Jones has been involved in martial arts since 1972. Currently a 5th Dan in Eight Directions Martial Arts, his past rankings include:
  • 3rd Dan, Tang Soo Do, World Tang Soo Do Association
  • 3rd Dan (Honorary), Kodenkan Jujitsu, Hawaiian Jujitsu System, Inc.
  • Blue belt, Machado Brazilian Jujitsu, William Vandry--Austin BJJ
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