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Rules of Conduct
Junior Class
Dec 1st, 2006viewed 2368 times
Parents: Please review these rules and expectations with your child. Compliance with the rules is necessary to maintain a safe and orderly class. Self-control is necessary to benefit from the training. Students who fail to comply are subject to these disciplinary measures:
  1. Verbal warning
  2. Push-ups or other remedial calisthenics
  3. Time out
  4. Dismissal from class
This is a kids’ class, and kids need to have fun. To that end, games and activities are incorporated into the class structure to help develop attributes and skills in a kid-friendly way. However, the minimum age requirement is meant to ensure a basic level of maturity. Students are expected to give their best effort for the entire class period. Immature or antisocial behaviors will not be tolerated. The instructor reserves the right to summarily dismiss any student whose behavior is continually disruptive to the class.
Listen to the instructor.
When the instructor is talking, the students are quiet. Even if the instructor is talking to others, what he tells them could be of importance to you. It also shows respect for the instructor to be quiet while he speaks.

Always do your best.
Good practice builds good habits, and poor practice builds bad habits. If you do not practice well in class, you will not develop the skills you need to be a good martial artist. If you are lazy, the instructor will not promote you to a higher belt.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.
During warm-ups and basics, keep your place in line. Never pester or play with your neighbors. If you do, you are not practicing as you should be. You are keeping your neighbors from practicing as they should, and the instructor will have you do push-ups anytime he sees you do it.

Show respect to the instructor—and your fellow students.
Address adults with respectful titles: Mr., Ms., Sir and Ma’am. Speak courteously to classmates, also. Rudeness, shoving or arguing will be sternly dealt with. Settle any disputes in a reasonable way. Anyone who commits a physical assault on a classmate will be dismissed immediately.
- Michael D. Jones
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